SPIDERCREW hailing straight out of Austria?s capital Vienna was formed back in 1999. Featuring members and ex-members of ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS and BUST THE CHAIN and with two raging vocalists on board (Juergen and Sean Inc from New York City) Spider Crew creates an exciting mix of hardcore and streetpunk full of energy and rage against authority.

For Fans Of: Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front, Discipline, Blood For Blood, Cock Sparrer and Bulldog Courage

1. Our Movement
2. Strike You Down
3. Forgiven / Forgotten
4. Still Crazy But Not Insane
5. Always The Enemy
6. Revenge Day
7. Fuck All Authority
8. Make ‘Em Believe
9. No Competition
10. Blue Blood Warrior
11. Egomaniac
12. My Life / My Rules