SPIDER CREW has been around since 1999 and is back again with their 7th (!!) release ‘SOUNDS OF HATRED’. The title of the album wraps it up. ‘SOUNDS OF HATRED’ is filled with angry pissed off hardcore, without losing the classic SPIDER CREW working class street vibe. CD comes in deluxe digipack and 8 pages booklet SPIDERCREW hailing straight out of Austria?s capital Vienna was formed back in 1999. Featuring members and ex-members of Only Attitude Counts and Bust The Chain and bandmembers from all over the globe, SPIDERCREW creates an exciting mix of (New York) hardcore and streetpunk full of energy and rage against authority. SOUNDS OF HATRED serves 11 brand new tracks wich are more diverse than ever. Sean and Mike (both on vocals) really sound different and battle it out on the raging songs. On top of that a lot of guest appearances spice it up: JORGE ROSADO (MERAUDER/AKANI), CRAIG AHAID (SICK OF IT ALL), BOB RILEY (STIGMATA/MURDERERS ROW), DOMINIK HADEK (COMPANION), KEITH (G.F.Y.), JAY SARGE (MOMENT OF TRUTH), MARKO STOCKL (LIVE LIFE), DANIEL MOSER (IN THE CAGE), RICHIE 4 FINGAZ (UNSPOKEN THEMES) AND RENE KAZDA (IN THE CAGE)! SPIDERCREW will keep touring Europe and bring the noise, so lets go, have beer, go nuts and have a blast!! TRACKLIST: 1) Six Feet Deep (3mn 6s) 2) All In Me (2mn 48s) 3) We Don’t Need You (1mn 46s) 4) Enemy Within (2mn 44s) 5) Blinded (2mn 2s) 6) La Familia (2mn 26s) 7) Never Fade Away (2mn 16s) 8) Time To Prove (2mn 6s) 9) Won’t Break Free (3mn 27s) 10) You Ain’t Lived It (3mn 6s) 11) No Approach (2mn 12s) 12) Thin Ice (3mn 31s)