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The Obnoxious – Beware Of The Dogs CD


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In stock

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Here we go again. After six sick years, seven years in Tibet and a decade in Siberia, The Obnoxious return to the battlefield that is music today.Their years herding reindeer, fighting Mongolian hordes and polar bears have made the five players tougher, rougher and meaner than ever before. Punk, core, metal: who cares for labels anymore? This is loud, very loud music. Full of unbridled aggression and power. Fuck energy drinks: have a sip of this! The long anticipated third album ‘Beware Of The Dogs’ has been unleashed, come one come all, take a stand take a fall!! tracklist: 1) The end Of The World 2) Retaliation 3) Someday 4) Rwanda Special 5) Crowded Room 6) Straight From Hell 7) The $64,000 Question 8) Period 9) Go For It! 10) Tale Of Destiny CD only bonus tracks: 11) State Of Anarchy 12) X-Rated

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