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Superhero Status – Escape The Herd MCD (Deluxe Digipack)


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In stock

SKU: WTF-030 CD Formats: , , Label: Band: Release: 2018


Superhero Status is back with a fresh new EP, this time a nice and crisp MCD Digipack filled with uplifting oldschool hardcore punkrock songs.
Their debut 7″ was very promising and SUPERHERO STATUS does not dissapoint with this new banger!!
put on your dancing shoes and prepare for stage dive-high fives!!

1. Anthem 2.05
2. Get The Point 2.26
3. Those Days     2.26
4. High Five     2.43
5. Behind My Back     1.55
6. Chosen Course     3.00
7. Fast Life     2.54





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