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Fists Of Time

FISTS OF TIME is a five-piece hardcore band based in Zeeland, the Netherlands.
Their upcoming album ‘ 5 YEAR PLAN’ will be released by WTF records june 21st 2019.
CD comes as a nice 6 panel Digipack with explosive content.
Expect 10 tracks filled with brutal breakdowns, thick grooves and two step heavyness.
FISTS OF TIME put their hearts, souls and fists into this full length album and it shows.

Fans of Lionheart, First Blood & 90’s Biohazard should get pumped for this one!!

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Rise Above

RISE ABOVE has roots in the late 80’s and 90’s hardcore punk rock scene in the Netherlands.
Band members from bands like Disabuse & Cry of Terror came together and RISE ABOVE was born.

Fusing the best elements of metal, trash and hardcore punk rock. In 2016 they released a DIY
album ‘All That Is Solid…..Melts Into Air’.

Their positive, no nonsense, attitude and a heart on the right place got them on the WTF Records radar.
RISE ABOVE entered the White Noise Studio to unleash 6 new metallic hardcore songs with PAINKILLER!!

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Only Attitude Counts

ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, kings of Vienna Style Hardcore are back stronger than ever!
WTF-032: ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS – ALMOST THE END CD,  is about to be released in the summer of 2019.
Expect 16 (you read that right!!) raging oldschool songs from the heart.

Brother for Brother for Brother! Thats the Real Deal!!

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Coming Out Swinging

COMING OUT SWINGING is a hardcore rock & roll group, with members from New York and Connecticut USA.

This is straight from the heart, working class hardcore music. Real life lyrics, aggressive music. Served raw and in your face!

COMING OUT SWINGING is heading to Europe in 2019, so stay tuned for details and make sure you catch them live.

Fans of : SPIDERCREW, Cheech Boston, Bulldog Courage, Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror, JUDGE ,The Templars – N.Y.C. Oi! , Stars & Stripes and Blood For Blood– take note!

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COLDSTARE (Belgium) distills an authentic blend of hardcore with strong notes of New York hardcore and raw hints of East Coast/Clevo-style. COLDSTARE’s melting pot of punk, hardcore, hip hop and metal influences take you on a hardcore joy ride full of fast old-school parts, massive backing vocals, breakdowns, sing-a-longs, two-steps and groovy up-tempo, all topped-off with a streetwise sound.

FOR FANS OF: Killing Time, Breakdown, Judge, Inhuman, Crown Of Thornz, Skarhead, Rag Men, Sworn Enemy

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SCARBORO is a three-piece hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2012. The current line-up is Shi Heng Shi: Guitar/Vox, Jack Counce: Bass/Vox and Gayla Escoda Brooks: Drums.

Drawing on influences from H2O, Descendents, early Agnostic Front, and Bad Religion to name a few, SCARBORO serves up bursts of raw and compact catchy songs that stay true to their roots.

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Put a vocalist/bass player from the metal scene, a guitar player from the hardcore scene and a drummer from the punk/trash scene in a blender. That makes PROBATION !

The heaviness of Crowbar, the dark edge like Kickback, the nineties vibe of Machine Head and the speed like Terror.

Crossing over between metalcore, stoner rock, hardcore and heavy metal PROBATION will rock the stages and take no prisoners!

FOR FANS OF: Crowbar, Kickback, Machine Head, Terror

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Get Some

Back in 2012 Jos, Sander & Sven turned the amps back on. They realised the itch needed to be scratched. After years of strumming in former hardcore punk bands as I-Reject & Brothers in Blood, the boys got together for a new project ‘GET SOME!’. Fusing the frustrated, the freaky and the filthy.

GET SOME serves fast paced crushing hardcore with a strong Cro-Mags vibe.
Their no bullshit attitude and uncompromising style hits like a steaming train and leaves you begging for more.

Just come and GET SOME!

FOR FANS OF: Slapshot, Cro-Mags, Blood for Blood, Kickback, 90’s hard-core, punk & metal

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Superhero Status

After the Dutch hardcore band MM split up, long-time friends Bart (ex- MM) and Ray (ex- MM, State of Affairs , For A Few Dollars More) decided to keep on playing music together. They kept jamming in the rehearsal room and went on the lookout for additional band members. Mattis (ex- Checkmate) joined the two on vocals, and soon the first new tunes were written. Later Andre (Jamestown) joined in, and the recording of the first demo started. Soon the band played a bunch of shows and started to build a live reputation with their enthusiasm. As last addition the band was reinforced with Mick on the second guitar to give the sound that bit of more spike to work with. Watch out for some catchy old school hardcore punk tunes with a touch of melody!

For Fans Of: Gorilla Biscuits, Snapcase, Vandals,

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Spider Crew

Spidercrew hailing straight out of Austria’s capital Vienna was formed back in 1999. Featuring members and ex-members of Only Attitude Counts and Bust The Chain and with two raging guys on vocals, Juergen and Sean Inc from New York City, Spider Crew creates an exciting mix of (New York) hardcore and streetpunk full of energy and rage against authority.


For Fans Of: – Wisdom In Chains – Agnostic Front – Discipline – Blood For Blood – Cock Sparrer – Bulldog Courage

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From The Heart

From the Heart is a Rotterdam based hardcore band, formed in early 2012.

While they have been significantly influenced by Eurocore and New York hardcore their style can be best described as fast metallic oldschool hardcore.

Call it eurocore, call it what you will, these guys play a tight set and get a crowd action in response.
If you are into singalongs, circlepits, pile ons and moshpits… HOOK THEM UP!

For Fans Of: Only Attitude Counts, No Turning Back, Backfire!, Hard Resistance, Rykers, Eurocore, get it? haha

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The Obnoxious

In one of their best known tracks, ‘Rotterdamn It’, the band protested against the capitalism of the music industry in the 80’s and 90’s of the last century. The forlorn state of today’s industry beckoned the dogs to once again awake from hibernation. Their years herding reindeer, fighting Mongolian hordes and polar bears have made the five players tougher, rougher and meaner than ever before.

Punk, core, metal: who cares for labels anymore? This is loud, very loud music. Full of unbridled aggression and power. Fuck energy drinks: have a sip of this!

There is No End To It!

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Live Life

Live Life is a 5 piece hardcore band from Vienna Austria. Right from the start, the band has been moving along full-swing, in order to bring forth their version of honest and passion-filled hardcore, while discarding most labels this genre implies on itself.

Their style is metallic fused hardcore, filled with rage and aggression, with a nice VSHC topping.

The Vienna hardcore scene is alive and kicking with bands like Only Attitude Counts, Companion, In The Cage, Spider Crew etc etc.

Live Life makes sure also the metallic side of hardcore is represented, no holds barred!!

For Fans Of: -Human Demise, -Ringworm – Integrity – Strife – Arkangel – Earth Crisis – Kickback – Pulling Teeth

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Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation (RSJF)

Armed with drums, bass, guitar, piano, organs, and a wide range of horns, the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation (RSJF) takes the music of the sixties as a starting point. But be careful! The RSJF is NOT a retro band in any perspective. They start where others have left and persistently refined their mix of ska, jazz, rock-steady, reggae and soul over the past 13 years.

In the meantime, the RSJF has recorded two EP’s and three fulllength studio albums. Furthermore, their music appears on various samplers throughout the world.

However, the best way to experience this lubricated off-beat locomotive is live on stage.

Rocking ska-jazz with a rough edge!

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At the bottom of Boston Harbor amidst the toxic medical refuse and rotting corpses left to decay in the depths, a creature stirs from its slumber. CHEECH, the best-kept secret in Beantown has returned to lay waste to society’s standards.

17 tracks of honed aggression with a big middle finger flying high!

For Fans Of: Death Before Dishonor, Motörhead, Terror, Municipal Waste, Hoods, S.O.D., First Blood, Hatebreed

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Hard Resistance

Hard Resistance is back on track! Belgium’s hardest engine of Eurocore is heating up once again.

To Celebrate their 20th anniversary Hard Resistance brings you 20 classic Hard Resistance songs from day one until present day, re-recorded and mixed in a new explosive sound!!

Release come in deluxe 2CD Digipack version, out now on WTF Records.

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Bulldog Courage

Bulldog Courage plays a fierce combination of in-your-face street punk and east coast hardcore all wrapped up in one ugly, defiant package.

For Fans Of: – Blood For Blood – Wisdom In Chains – Agnostic Front – Discipline – Cock Sparrer

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All For Nothing

Female fronted energetic hardcore with sing-a-long choruses, punishing breakdowns and melodic riffs .
After this very succesfull release (Solitary 2008) All for Nothing gained momentum and grew out to be one of the biggest hardcore bands in the Netherlands (Europe?). Touring the world and playing big fests without forgetting their roots.

For Fans Of: – Gorilla Biscuits – No Turning Back – Sick Of It All – Bane – Comeback Kid – This Is Hell

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Olde York

Classic NYHC with a modern twist, produced by Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Skarhead, Crown of Thornz)

For Fans Of: Sick Of It All, Breakdown, Agnostic Front, Judge, Warzone, Maximum Penalty, Underdog, Leeway

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Still Screaming

Oldschool hardcore full of energy and passion with massive sing-along’s, breakdowns and a thick groove.

For Fans Of: – Blood For Blood – Cold World – Down To Nothing – Dead Hearts

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Human Demise

Founded in February 2004, Human Demise is a hardcore band from the southern part of The Netherlands and creates a blend of modern hardcore with a touch of the dark side of metal.

For Fans Of: – Ringworm – Integrity – Strife – Arkangel – Earth Crisis – Kickback – Pulling Teeth – Clevo / Holy Terror

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G.F.Y. from New York plays mighty hardcore beatdown, straight up and in your face!! New CD coming Q1 2012, prepare for war!!

For Fans Of: – Everybody Gets Hurt – Billy Club Sandwich – Losers Sometimes Win – Irate – Homicidal – Death Threat – Strength For A Reason

Black Cloud Halo

Black Cloud Halo is hardrockin’, intense, heavy and mean. This band is bringing back the long lost soul in hardcore. No gimmicks, no fashion, no hype, just bass, drums, vocals, guitars and ROCK.

For Fans Of: – Black Sabbath – Cro-Mags – Down – Agnostic Front – Killing Time – Poison Idea

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