WTF Records is VERY proud to announce the new MOMENT OF TRUTH album ‘NO BLIND EYES’!!

This is the vinyl version, releasedate: 10-07-2020

The LP version comes in an awesome looking full color sleeve with intense artwork.
some details:
– first press of 300 pcs
– full color jacket with 3mm spine, handnumbered
– full color labels
– full color printed innersleeve with lyrics and credits.
– color vinyl: Camouflage (mix with colors: crystal clear, transparant green and black vinyl)

MOMENT OF TRUTH is definitive 90’s hardcore. Founded in 1991, they helped mold the western NY scene with a true NYHC sound. Releasing several demos throughout the 90’s, they built up quite a reputation and opened for some real heavy-hitters from that era: Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Face Value, and Integrity to name a few. After a long hiatus, the founding members decided to get back to the basics and write some raw, face-breaking, NY-style hardcore again.

‘NO BLIND EYES’  is a bit of old,a bit of new, but all of it pure rage!

For fans of: Agnostic Front, Madball, Terror, Integrity, Sheer Terror, Breakdown, Judge, 100 Demons, Blood for Blood.

1. Inside Job
2. Knuckle Up (ft. Sal Lococo from Sworn Enemy)
3. No More Pain
4. Blessed
5.Soulless Life
6. In Remembrance
7. Respect Thy Neighbor
8. Sick People (original by Breakdown)