A new release by The Obnoxious in 2018?  What the fuck?
Live Underground marks their first official live release, capturing an entire show on their home turf: Rotterdam.
Those who know The Obnoxious know what to expect: raw, untamed energy unleashed through a 15 song set, containing all the highlights. Those who don’t know: get your act together!
Staying true to their motto: Very Loud Music, this outing is just that. Hardcore punk metal, boosted with humour and criticism.
Meant to bridge the gap between their previous release ‘Beware of the Dogs ‘ (2015) and a new record with an intended late 2018/early 2019 release, this cd will keep the fans satisfied.
Get your copy now and have your face blown out, once again!

01. The True History of Uncle Alfred
02. The End Of The World
03. Hide Your Head Away
04. Rwanda Special
05. Come One, Come All
06. Tragedy
07. The Dancing Soldier Song
08. Retaliation
09. State Of Anarchy
10. The Redeemer
11. The Midnight Train
12. Period
13. Straight From Hell
14. Rotterdamn It!
15. Dave wants an Encore
16. No End To It!