WTF Records first ever release: WTF-001 Black Cloud Halo – Born Under A Bad Sign CD

Comes in regular jewelcase, with deluxe slipcase to top it off.
Black Cloud Halo is hardrockin’, intense, heavy and mean. This band is bringing back the long lost soul in hardcore. No gimmicks, no fashion, no hype, just bass, drums, vocals, guitars and ROCK So what can you expect? 13 tracks of heavy, dark and thundering hardcore rock! Adrenalin fuelled BCH will take you on a white knuckle ride through the darker side of life! The Halo is influenced by bands such as ACDC, Blood For Blood, Clutch, Down, Cro-Mags, Poison Idea, Madball and Thin Lizzy. All these tasteful ingredients are blended into a mean and dirty sound of their own.

Needless to say, that this is a pretty special release for us @ WTF Records HQ. The CD rocks hard and allthough the bands has split up, it stood the test of time and deserves to be checked out. We have a few boxes left of this classic WTF Records release.

1) Day Of The Damned
2) Scarred
3) Jaded Past
4) Firestorm
5) Get Away
6) Leave So I Can Stay
7) Clouds
8) Dressed In Black
9) Dark Night Of The Soul
10) Fade To Black
11) Lost
12) Nemesis
13) Born Under A Bad Sign