WHATS UP: Boston’s CHEECH returns for another round of thrash-infused hardcore. While other bands retread their well-worn musical paths, CHEECH pushes their own boundaries on OLD FRIENDS. Fast, old-school hardcore is melded with Maiden-esque guitar licks while melodic basslines underscore a blues-based solo. Two-step drum breaks build to sing-a-long choruses. And there’s more than one big breakdown slipped in somewhere. All this, while spitting their sarcastic lyrical take on subjects ranging from social media, to scene politics, and cult films. Also included is a cover of Bulldog Courage’s ‘Old Friends Die Hard’ a heartfelt send-off to two members of BDC that recently passed away. CHEECH always offers something for everyone, from the punk rocker, to the metalhead to the hardcore kid, and OLD FRIENDS is more proof of that fact.

First press: 300 pcs on transparant vinyl

FOR FANS OF: Death Before Dishonor, Motörhead, Terror, Municipal Waste, Hoods, S.O.D., First Blood, Hatebreed

Side A:
War Of 84
Outta Time
Side B:
Jumped The Shark
Old Friends Die Hard