WTF Records is founded in 2007 as an independend hardcore punkrock record label. We have released records ranging from pure oldschool hardcore (All For Nothing / Still Screaming), but also heavy and dark metalcore (Human Demise) and with Bulldog Courage and Spider Crew we also throw in some hard and heavy working class hardcore!!!
And than when you think you had it all, we recently signed G.F.Y. from the big rotten apple to blow shit up, right in your face

This is the way we see hardcore, diverse, in your face and real,
If you like hardcore we suggest to check out our bands and releases.
Just activate the WTF player on the right side of this page and check out our webstore while listening to the tunes we represent!!

hc lives!!



WTF Distro has been around a lot longer than the record label unlike most other label and distro’s that do things the other way around, we’re proud to be different I guess haha.
I guess the day I brought some No turning Back – The Beautifull Lies MCDs to the 10 year anniverary of Only Attitude Counts show in Vienna counts as the official start of this shit.
That was an awesome show actualy, one of the best.

Nowadays we carry more than a thousand titles, mainly cds and some vinyl, so check out our webshop and find out that we got old (hard to get) stuff combined with the latest releases.
We are happy to have loyal customers checking back and make frequent orders from all over the world, proud of that too, so lets keep it up and do this!!

Spread the word!!