Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of music does WTF Records release?
We release hardcore music that we like ourselves.
just check out our WTF player and you get the idea.
or check out the foto’s of the bandmembers.
these guys don’t make the new hits in the new age section.

2. I ordered some great (WTF) titles in your awesome webshop 5 minutes ago, when can I expect the goods to arrive?
Since we are getting old we don’t move as quickly as we used to,
BUT we try to send out all orders within one or two days after arrival of the money.
So make sure payment has been done correctly and you won’t be dissapointed.
When in doubt, just send us a short e-mail and we’ll respond

3. Is everything in the webshop available and in stock
YES, unlike others we remove items that are out of stock so you won’t be able to order sold out items.
Unless we fucked up…. in that case we’ll contact you right away and give you options what to do.
You’ll ALWAYS be able to cancel the order if you hate the order missing that release… no prob.

4. How can I help WTF Records & WTF Distro?
We get this question all the time and there’s a few things we really appreciate:
– tell your friends about our label and distro
– like us on facebook
– spread flyers at local hardcore shows and bars (just contact us and we’ll send you some)
– most importantly: buy our stuff, most of you do allready and we thank you for that!!

5. How does a band submit a demo to WTF Records for consideration?
send a detailed promo package to us, not just a mp3 or myspace link
We only do a few releases each year so we don’t fool around

5. I run a retail store, distro or sell records at shows. How do I order directly from WTF Records & WTF Distro?
first of all: respect and keep it up!!
just send us an e-mail and we’ll get asap, we have wholesale prices and special deals available

6. How does my zine / website / publication get promos?
If you think our releases are matching your style, send us a message and we’ll get in touch

7. I’d like to interview one of the WTF Records bands for my webzine/fanzine/etc…, how do I get in touch with them?
first of all: THANKS, we really appreciate our bands getting the attention and stage to speak their minds
We’ll give you contacts of the bands, no sweat, just send us an e-mail and consider it done