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up next:
WTF-043: Probation – Violate LP (ltd 300 pcs colored vinyl: red/black/transparant)  (18-09-2020)
WTF-047: Toxic Youth – full length CD Digipack (tba 2020)
WTF-044: tba – tba (2021)
WTF-048: tba – tba (2021)

out now:
WTF-034: Ammo – Cold Sick Life CD Digipack (release date 10-07-2020)
WTF-038: Moment Of Truth – No Blind Eyes LP (ltd 316 pcs colored vinyl: camouflage) (10-07-2020)
WTF-045: Rise Above – Forever MCD Digipack (release date 17-07-2020)
WTF-046: Superhero Status – 20/20 MCD Digipack (release date 24-07-2020)
WTF-041: The Obnoxious – The Undertaker MCD Digipack (06-06-2020)
WTF-038: Moment Of Truth – No Blind Eyes CD Digipack (01-05-2020)
WTF-043: Probation – Violate CD Digipack (01-05-2020)

still hot:
WTF-037: No Restraints / Spider Crew = Through Our Veins 7″ color vinyl (29-02-2020)
WTF-040: Blood Of Kings – Defiance CD Digipack (29-11-2019)
WTF-036: Only Attitude Counts / From The Heart – Split 7″ Gatefold color vinyl (19-10-2019)
WTF-032: Only Attitude Counts – Almost The End CD Digipack (30-08-2019)
WTF-039: Fists Of Time – 5 Year Plan CD Digipack (21-06-2019)
WTF-035: Rise Above – Painkiller MCD Digipack (19-04-2019)
WTF-028: Coming Out Swinging – Step Aside MCD Digipack (15-03-2019)

and much more:
02-11-2018: WTF-033: Scarboro – Wolves On The Radio MCD Digipack
02-11-2018: WTF-031: Coldstare – Bounce Back CD Digipack
06-10-2018: WTF Fest, Kroepoek Fabriek, Vlaardingen!
11-05-2018: WTF-027: Probation – Fucked By Life MCD Digipack
18-05-2018: WTF-026: Rotterdam ska-Jazz Foundation ft. BOSCO – Big Horns MCD Digipack
25-05-2018: WTF-030: Superhero Status – Escape The Herd MCD Digipack
01-06-2018: WTF-029: Get Some – Freaky Filthy Frustrated MCD Digipack
18-06-2018: WTF-024: The Obnoxious – Live Underground CD Digipack


WTF Records is an underground hardcore punk record label.
Releases are ranging from pure oldschool hardcore to a more punk vibe and dark metalcore.
Oh and don’t forget we also throw in some hard and heavy working class hardcore and ska-jazz tunes!!!

We are ready for 2020 and have a lot of awesome new releases lined up, stay tuned!!

Our Distro has over 1500 titles and is still growing, fair prices and reliable shopping is our thing!
Make sure you check out our WTF webshop.

We are in this with you and for you, lets keep our scene up and energized, lets goooo!!

hc still lives!!

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