From the Heart is a Rotterdam based hardcore band, formed in early 2012. While they have been significantly influenced by Eurocore and New York hardcore their style can be best described as fast metallic oldschool hardcore. Call it eurocore, call it what you will, these guys play a tight set and get a crowd action in response. If you are into singalongs, circlepits, pile ons and moshpits? HOOK THEM UP!

For Fans Of: Only Attitude Counts, No turning Back, Backfire!

01 From the Heart
02 Rest in Peace
03 Who Told you Life is Easy
04 Dead Man’s Trigger
05 World of Lies
06 Predator
07 Hate
08 Crush
09 Friends
10 The Best of Me
11 The Hard Way
12 1999
13 Stay Gold
14 I Won’t Change