At the bottom of Boston Harbor amidst the toxic medical refuse and rotting corpses left to decay in the depths, a creature stirs from its slumber. CHEECH, the best-kept secret in Beantown has returned to lay waste to society’s standards. 17 tracks of honed aggression with a big middle finger flying high!

For Fans Of: Death Before Dishonor, Motörhead, Terror, Municipal Waste, Hoods, S.O.D., First Blood, Hatebreed

1. intro
2. Everyone Dies
3. 30 Rack of Hate
4. The Charles Is In Charge
5. Radical
6. Living Proof
7. Death of the Middle Class
8. Gentlemen
9. Mucho Macho
10. Old Glory
11. Smoke Assassin
12. Say You’re Sorry
13. Headbanger Boogie
14. Working Stiff
15. Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong
16. Let Me Down
17. La Frontera
18. Beast From The East