WTF Records is proud to present our VSHC brothers: WTF-020: Live Life – You People Make Me Sick CD

Live Life is a 5 piece hardcore band from Vienna Austria. Since the union, the band has been moving along full-swing, in order to bring forth their version of honest and passion-filled hardcore, while discarding most labels this genre implies on itself.  Vienna has a very active hardcore scene at the moment. Upcoming bands like Tigerblood, Companion and In The Cage combined with veteran forces Only Attitude Counts and Spidercrew are pushing the game to the next level.

1) Intro
2) Despise
3) You People Make Me Sick
4) Start A Riot
5) Rat Race
6) No Worries
7) Mi Casa Es Su Casa
8) No One Died For My Sins
9) Forgetting Truth
10) Break Your Chains