>>>Suffer The Living – War Is All I Know CD

Suffer The Living – War Is All I Know CD


Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

SKU: FWH043 Format: Label: Band: Release: 2008


What can you expect when original SHATTERED REALM singer Chris team up with some former NJ REDLINE and current FALLBACK members? Right… Heavy as fuck Metal driven NJ Hardcore. And SUFFER THE LIVING really know how to combine SHATTERED REALM Hardcore roots with ALL OUT WAR Metal power, some melodic IRATE riffing and lots of FULL BLOWN CHAOS Mosh brutality. Completely mastered at WEST WEST Music by Alan Douches (also SICK OF IT ALL and HATEBREED) and coming with exclusively painted artwork by Rafael Wechterowicz (also TRIVIUM, LAMB OF GOD, SHADOWS FALL). Get this masterpiece containing 11 songs of pure NJ bestiality or rot in fuckin hell… tracklist: 1) The Coronation 2) Dirty Harry Stomp 3) The Battle Hymn Of Copface And Foureyes 4) Sword Of Ares 5) Less Than Zero 6) Slay The King 7) Angelburns 8) Suffer, Decay, Damnation 9) Champion Of Homicide 10) Through Our Eyes 11) Helleaters

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