The South Jersey Metalheads are back on track and they improved a lot after their first MCD on HOMICIDAL Records (USA). Awesome debut full-length incl. 10 neckbreaking songs full of melodic Metal riffing and lots of Mosh. All in all their sound could be described as a mix of FULL BLOWN CHAOS, THE BLACK DHALIA MURDER, IT DIES TODAY and THROWDOWN. Mastered at WEST WEST SIDE Music (SWORN ENEMY, SICK OF IT ALL, ATREYU, etc.).

1. Intro
2. Beat’n to Your Grave
3. As We Grow
4. Our Great Escape
5. There Comes A Time…
6. We Gave Our All
7. Forever Wasn’t Long Enough
8. In Rememberance
9. Friends Forever
10. Legend