CLOBBERIN TIME feature ex-members of the well-known Ruhrpott based band COPYKILL and belt out heavy, burly and brutal Hardcore like early DEATH THREAT and FURY OF FIVE… Limburg-Chapter´s PERSONAL VENDETTA are back on track with four new hardhitting songs of heavy metallic Beatdown Mosh somewhere between HATEBREED, BORN FROM PAIN and old CRAWLSPACE. Comes with great artwork, done by computer-game designer and comic artist Andre Stroetzel.

Clobberin Time
1. Intro
2. Broken Glass
3. Final March
4. Bad Moon Rising
5. Heart of stone
6. Past Present Forever
Personal Vendetta
7. Intro
8. Breathe
9. Lost My Faith
10. When Hope Fades Away
11. Broken Promises