COLD REIGN is a 59 SOSF Hardcore outfit from Fort Wayne feat. TASTE THE STEEL members Matt and Dustin, who also plays in CROWD DETERRENT now. So far the band released 4-song demo entitled  ‘Anger. Agression. Depression. Reality’ and the same tracks were later re-released ond the SOSF Worldwide Family ‘Volume 3’ Split-CD. COLD REIGN’s full-length debut ‘The Noose’ features 10 straight up, heavy hitting Hardcore tunes somewhere between RINGWORM, MADBALL, LIFE AFTER DEATH and CROWD DETERRENT including guest-vocals by Josh TASTE THE STEEL, Steve LIFE AFTER DEATH and Jeremy LIFELESS. Northern Indiana no-nonsense 59 Hardcore in full effect.

01. Intro
02. Noose
03. Judgment (ft. Aaron Indiana)
04. Sands Of Time
05. The Storm
06. Kiss Of Death
07. Interlude
08. Faded Memories (ft. Jeremy Lifeless)
09. Amongst Wolves (ft. Andrew Street Struck)
10. 9th Circle (ft. Steve Life After Death)
11. Shutdown
12. Born To Fail (ft. Josh Taste The Steel)
13. Outro