After two selfreleased CDEP’s entitled ‘Trust No One’  (2016) and ‘Justice By Myself’ (2014) the French heavy Hardcore band HARDMIND celebrates their 5th year of existence with the full-length debut on FWH Records. ‘Corrupted Souls’ is an aggressive, straight up, hard as a brick bastard somewhere between the old French Tuff Guy Fury like STORMCORE and A.W.O.L., brutal US Hardcore like SHATTERED REALM and LIFELESS and modern Euro Beatdown like BALBOA and NASTY. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stu McKay at STUDIO6 (also INGESTED, DESOLATED and MALEVOLENCE).

01. Intro
02. Corrupted Souls
03. Life And Death
04. Class War
05. God’s Hate
06. Retaliation
07. Keeping It Real
08. Collateral Damage
09. Faith The Truth