Hailing from Sin City Las Vegas, the SOSF Crew four-piece is ready to kick your ass with their angry, frustrated, filled-with-hate, pissed-off Old Style Hardcore. This output delivers all must-haves of a good traditional Hardcore record. Plain brutal music, raging vocals, breakdowns, crew-shouts and non-nonsense lyrics. People, going nutz for bands like old BLOOD FOR BLOOD, SHEER TERROR, NEGLECT, MADBALL and MERAUDER will dig this shit. And as a highlight COLD EXISTENCE recorded a cover-version of the D.R.I. classic `I don´t need society`.

1. Libertas Vel Nex
2. Violent Streets
3. Watch Ya Back
4. The Warlord
5. Fueled with Hate
6. I Don’t Need Society (D.R.I. Cover)
7. Two Sided Politics (Suicidal Tendencies Cover)
8. Rise Above (Black Flag Cover)