Exactly 6 years after their debut on FWH entitled ‘D.H.M.’ the Belgian benchpress heavyweights return with 8 new tracks including the 4SKINS cover ‘Wonderful World’ . Still the same line-up feat. members from DIE… MY DEMON, THE BOSS and OUTCAST, the band ist stronger and heavier than ever. Drawing influences from mid-90´s East Coast bands like FURY OF FIVE, NEXT STEP UP and CLUBBER LANG combined with early Limburg-Chapter tuff guy fury a la CRAWLSPACE, the DHM hooligans deliver one of the hardest and most violent European Hardcore records so far. Including guest-vocals by original BORN FROM PAIN singer Che.

1 Intro 01:22
2 Vain/Glory 02:50
3 Eye For An Eye 03:14
4 Hate Injected 02:57
5 Struggle 03:51
6 Chasing The Rush 03:45
7 Digging Your Grave 04:34
8 Wonderful World (4 Skins) 01:57