>>>50 Caliber / Die My Demon – Splitting Ammunition CD

50 Caliber / Die My Demon – Splitting Ammunition CD


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

SKU: FWH005 Format: Label: Band: Release: 2003


Long time sold out and now finally back in stock. This is the last chance to get a copy of this masterpiece of European Tuff Guy Hardcore. LBU´s massive 50 CALIBER came up with a more metallic style including rough vocals, heavy double-bass parts and plenty of Mosh breakdowns, while DIE… MY DEMON celebrating some more NYC East Coast influenced Hardcore not unlike MUSHMOUTH, CLUBBER LANG, SWORN ENEMY and SKARHEAD. For fans of LBU UKHC a la BUN DEM OUT, BDF, KNUCKELDUST and TRC, 50 CALIBER will be the ultimate shit. tracklist: Die… My Demon 1) My Own Way 2) Blind And Lost 3) Between You And Me 4) Angel 50 Caliber 5) Beautifully Weak 6) New Gravity 7) Flesh And Stone 8) A Glimpse Of Life 9) Horror Stories And Fairy Tales

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