Starting back in 1997 as a OUT TO WIN (ex-MUSHMOUTH) side-project with Karl BFL on vocals, SFAR shortly became one of the most hard-working and also most beloved bands from the East Coast area. Now 12 years later the third SFAR full-length release hit the streets including their best recorded material so far. True dedicated Old Style Hardcore with some really heartfelt and passionate lyrics for all fans of MADBALL and DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Feat. guest-vocals by Mad Joe WISDOM IN CHAINS, Martijn NO TURNING BACK and Dan COLD WORLD. This release shows the true heart in Hardcore.

1 Reality Check
2 Inked In Blood
3 Family Chain
4 A Bitter Goodbye
5 Fearless
6 Torn To Pieces
7 Heartfelt
8 Can’t Give It Back
9 My Own Prison
10 Stand By My Side
hidden track: Brotherhood (2009 Version)