The IL heavyweights are back with their third full CD including 13 new punishing take-no-shit Hatecore tracks. The CD title ‘Kill Yourself’ speaks for itself. Complete with apocalyptic and negative fuck-you! lyrics with a bleak outlook on life enhanced by a soundtrack of brutal no-nonsense Hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst filled music.

For Fans Of: MADBALL, 100 DEMONS, HOODS and classical Hatecore stuff a la NEGLECT and SHEER TERROR.

1 Introduction
2 This Hate
3 Darkness
4 Hand Of Judgement
5 Weak Minded Fool
6 No Hope
7 Where Losers Go To Die
8 Common Crooks
9 Drink To Death
10 Stand And Fight
11 Reality Sucks
12 I Feel Nothing
13 Until The End