For more than a decade, EDEN DEMISE hailing from Hellas Athens, deliver a heavy mixture of groovy New York City influenced Hardcore and dark European metallic Mosh. On their newest output entitled ‘Triumph Over Adversity’ the band created a tight, raging, aggressive, straight in your face Hardcore sound, packed with crushing riffs, street grooves and devastating breakdowns. Nine brandnew well-produced tracks sounding like a perfect blend of MADBALL, SKARHEAD, LENGTH OF TIME, KNUCKLEDUST and NASTY. Officially distributed by FILLED WITH HATE Records. Label: HARDTIMES Records (GR)

1 Foreword 01:08
2 Willpower 03:35
3 Stronghold 03:48
4 Snakeface 03:31
5 Descent 02:26
6 Outsider 03:28
7 Retaliation 03:39
8 Crossroads 03:07
9 Undefeated 02:18