What to expect from a Ruhrpott band featuring ex-members from IN BLOOD WE TRUST, COPYKILL, BLOOD BY DAYS, FROM MY HANDS, DEADSOIL, SURFACE, REDUCTION? Correct, a real heavy sound combining Metal and Hardcore to a furious, pissed off, angry hybrid. Thrash riffs lead into massive breakdowns surrounded by extreme hateful vocals reminding to Marcel DRIFT aka THE PLATOON. 100% Ruhrpott flavored metallic Hardcore influenced by bands such as ALL OUT WAR, ARKANGEL, old HATEBREED, MERAUDER, THE HAUNTED and Co. Including a guest guitar solo by Sami KREATOR. Digipack release limited to 150 copies.

1 The Hunt
2 Vermin
3 Rat Poison
4 The Scourge
5 Antination