Complete discography by Japanese underground Beatdown band INFIDEL featuring all their recordings from 2007 to 2010. Including their never physical released “Time for us” MCD plus the tracks recorded for both “Recognize real brutality” compilations. In total eleven tracks of pure straight Hardcore-styled Tokyo Beatdown somewhere between DOGGY HOODS, MURDER WITHIN SIN and DOMINATE, strongly influenced by 90´s US East Coast heavy Hardcore bands like BULLDOZE, ONE SECOND THOUGHT, NEXT STEP UP and BILLYCLUB SANDWICH. Guest-vocals by Kawamatax ONE LAST VICTIM, Lowbuster59 DOMINATE and many more. Limited to 150 copies.

Track list:
1) Intro
2) First Ta Fight
3) Reservoir Dogs
4) Bring Em’ Back
5) Brotherhood
6) Which Type Are You
7) Push Forward
8) The Past Is Dead
9) Bring Em’ Back
10) Flexible
11) Which Type Are You