Active in the mid to end-90’s Queens NYC Castle Heights Hardcore scene besides bands like Denied, Relentless, Mindset aka Sworn Enemy, Restrain, Everybody Gets Hurt and many many more, Next To Last released a Demo and an EP in a totally DIY way just with local distribution. Around 25 years later FWH and singer Jimmy Tragic Figure decided to rerelease these classic recordings in a limited 4-panel Digipack-CD to make it worldwide available to everybody into heavy 90’s Big Apple Hardcore. Get ready for angry vocals and massive old fashioned beatdowns.

1 Words Of Regret
2 Still Remains
3 Sometimes
4 Revenge
5 Side By Side
6 Your Kind
7 Sometimes (Demo Version)
8 Your KInd (Demo Version)
9 Revenge (Demo Version)
10 Words Of Regret (Demo Version)