Wounded Knee is a hardcore punk band from Warsaw, Poland. The band was formed in 2011 and they already released a demo EP, the ‘Out Of My Way’ EP and earlier this year the ‘Maladjusted’ EP. This Maladjusted EP consists of eight new songs and comes with the earlier two EP’s as a bonus. On Maladjusted, Wounded Knee brings hardcore similar to bands as No Turning Back and Agnostic Front. The music breathes hardcore passion, and has a good punk mentality and some socio-criticism loaded lyrics.

Maladjusted EP
1. The parable
2. Cage Madness
3. nothing Or All
4. Last To Die
5. Poverty
6. Workout
7. So Many Years
8. Wielki Las
Out Of My Way EP
9. Make A Step
10. Burn Your Flags
11. DIY
12. We’re Gonna Die
13. You’ll Never Be Free
14. Out Of My Way
Demo EP
15. Solitude In A Crowd
16. Forever Young
17. Dead End
18. Never Steal The Spirit