Born Anew started in 2005 founded by axemen Janek and Piotrek who teamed up with vocalist Mycha and after a couple of months, Krzysiek (drums) and then Seba (bass). The process of line up shaping and songwriting made the band play their very first show and record a demo only in early 2008. It has really snowballed since then, as the same year they made it to the studio again to record their debut full length out on Spooky Records, March 2009 and played countless shows all over Poland.

1. The Day Before
2. This Is Our Time
3. Full Of Pride
4. Temptation By The Snake
5. Do You Have A Clear Conscience?
6. About You
7. Credo
8. The Shattering Has Begun
9. The City
10. Force The Right Path