Sometime toward the end of 2006, Most Precious Blood vanished. Word eventually spread that Most Precious Blood had begun work on a new album. Let’s be honest: a band like Most Precious Blood doesn’t name their record “Do Not Resuscitate” unless they’ve got nothing left to lose – and this is when a band is at their best – when they have nothing to prove and they don’t owe anything to anyone.

1. A Danger To Myself And Others
2. Upstate Ghost
3. Enthusiastic Eugenicist
4. Functional Autist
5. Meth Miles
6. Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together
7. Blame It On Altered Beast
8. Graveyard Postcards
9. Shut The Fuck Up, Jailbreak
10. Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking
11. Animal Mother
12. Do Not Resuscitate