4th album in the history of this Swedish band. CD version contains 3 bonus tracks from the sessions that do not fit on the vinyl 12″ (including a cover of Integrity ). 12 tracks! with geastvocals by Freddy Cricien (Madball) and Anders Bjorler (The Haunted / At The Gates) .

For Fans Of: Merauder, Sworn Enemy, Integrity, Most Precious Blood, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Arkangel or Length Of Time

1. State Of The World
2. Victims Of Conspiracy
3. Slave To Rot
4. Incoming Storm
5. Killing Fields (feat. Anders Björler of AT THE GATES)
6. The Hammer Of Justice (feat. Freddy Cricien of MADBALL)
7. Imposing Wasteland
8. Dystopia
9. Global Meltdown CD bonus tracks:
10. Domestic War
11. Lewicite
12. Systems Overload