Strength Approach have delivered a glorious album in ALL THE PLANS WE MADE ARE GOING TO FAIL that keeps the roots of hardcore intact, alive and pumping with energy and intensity. Still waving the hardcore flag uncompromisingly after more than ten years, Strength Approach keep proving what hardcore is all about in a time of bands built on image and poses more than dedication and attitude. The band is going to give light to a new chapter in its history with the release of its second full length ‘ All The Plans We Made Are Going To Fail’  and proving that Strength Approach are far from slowing down or changing their style to sell out to the music business.

1) Anthem for a wasted generation
2) All the plans we made are going to fail
3) The alarm
4) Minus One
5) Forked tongue
6) The outsider song
7) Far from glory
8) In a broken stereo
9) Its not pessimistic,just realistic
10) Every end has start
11) Die Alone
12) Just a simple plan
13) My life is a side project
14) We are the guilty
15) Id rather fall on my own mistakes than have you bring me down to yours