FORGETTOFORGIVE exhibit their own brand of bludgeoning Death core that creates a pitch black ambience of juggernaut-like proportions with this crushing debut. FORGETTOFORGIVE have become Holland’s leading Death core band in the short 4 year period that the band have been in existence. Their debut album, A PRODUCT OF DISSECTING MINDS is sure to challenge the leaders of a scene that is growing and gaining momentum with every day that passes. Filled with 12 brutal and bludgeoning songs, FORGETTOFORGIVE exhibit a pitch black ambience that takes the mind to a darker place with their crushing concoction of vicious breakdowns, intense blast beats and at times melancholic melody that gives a serene break from the juggernaut like grooves that the band excel at so often. The production of ?A PRODUCT OF DISSECTING MINDS? is like a wrecking ball and only serves to highlight the band’s technical prowess and musicianship that is on display. Over the past four years, FORGETTOFORGIVE have become a force to be reckoned with live and continually destroy stages all across the European continent, exciting crowds with their high-octane energy performances that leave crowds drained and pummeled, yet begging for more. It’s clear that FORGETTOFORGIVE are on the right track and A PRODUCT OF DISSECTING MINDS only showcases that fact and there is no doubt that by the time they are ready to follow up this crushing debut, FORGETTOFORGIVE will be a household name within the death core genre and will have legions of followers worldwide. For Fans Of: BRING ME THE HORIZON, SUICIDE SILENCE, PARKWAY DRIVE, EMMURE, BEHEMOTH, JOB FOR A COWBOY, UNEARTH