IN OTHER CLIMES are back with their third and long awaited full length ‘Leftover’. After seven EPs and Albums the steamroller returns with eleven tracks mixing Metal-, Thrash-, Hardcore- and Punk-influences with groove, Rock’n’Roll-solos and catchy choruses. ‘Leftover’ is a huge step for IN OTHER CLIMES showing the true potential of the band built through the years. Being one of the most active French bands and well-known for their video clips, IN OTHER CLIMES gained a strong international fan base through the years while touring all across the globe (Europe, USA, Brazil) and sharing stages with bands such as Down, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, Entombed, Walls Of Jericho, Comeback Kid, just to name a few. IN OTHER CLIMES are too heavy for the Hardcore Kids and to punchy for the Metalheads. But when the show begins, a true blast of hate and revolt comes to minds and hearts, changing the whole crowd and band into one voice screaming: ‘ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE, NO FUCKIN’ REGRETS!’

01. Dreams
02. Now I Know
03. Who Are You
04. City Of Glass
05. Bigger Than Life
06. Brainwashed
07. I Walk Alone
08. Have You Ever
09. Dead Man’s Fingers
10. Sincerely Yours
11. We Are An European Band