Dawn heist’s brand new album ‘Catalyst’ explores the concept of reality in 3 different forms. The first being ‘subjective reality’, which explores a very introverted lyric theme mixed with a much more lush and grand soundscape. The second being ‘objective reality’ Which takes a more aggressive approach to the instrumentation and deals with much darker and tormented subject matters within the lyrics. And lastly, ‘virtual reality’ a showcase of digital elements to which the band blends seamlessly in to their rhythmic assault The album also tells a story of one individual’s experience within each type of reality through a journey from servant to saviour to outcast. Although, in keeping within the bands goal of breaking tradition and doing something different, the story bends the perception of time and is told in reverse.

1 Ascension
2 Zenith
3 Escaping The Cornucopia
4 Synthetic Zion
5 Mirrors
6 Serescape
7 Reflections
8 Apostle
9 Prologue