Bloodattack are the ‘Rotten Leaders’ of the german metalcore underground. With their music the band symbolizes a feeling of stand-up, honest and straight forward authenticity to the world that is so important in music nowadays. Bloodattack signed to Bastardized Recordings and entered the studio to record their new album ‘Rotten Leaders’, that will hit the stores in September 2010. Produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail) and with an artwork designed by Peter Hoffmann (Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Six Reasons To Kill) this release is a smashing answer to all the bullshit that surrounds us. ‘We simply tried to make everything faster, every breakdown heavier, every singalong catchier without loosing sight of what Bloodattack is all about – plain, pure and brutal hardcore with a straight D.I.Y. attitude’, the band explained. That’s what we can expect from ‘Rotten Leaders’. Join the Bloodpack!

1 Beverly Hills Chihuahua
2 The Eternal Shockwave
3 Shed My Soul
4 Mein Zorn Stirbt Zuletzt
5 Awaking The Butcher
6 The Probotector
7 Unclean From Birth
8 All Mein Herz
9 Light The Ocean