Being unavailable for over a year, No Turning Back’s second album is finally available again via Bust! Records. Completely remastered and with 11 bonus tracks (recorded on the band’s current world tour!)

1. Never Give Up
2. Don’t Cross The Line
3. Take Control
4. Mentally Ill
5. Watch Your Step
6. Cold Hands
7. Holding On
8. Count On You
9. Dead End Road
10. What’s Wrong With Me?
11. Stay Away
12. No Regrets
13. I Owe You Nothing
14. Leave The Past Behind
15. Stay Away (live)
16. True Colors (live)
17. My Revenge (live)
18. Nothing Changes (live)
19. This World Is Mine (live)
20. Never Give Up (live)
21. Watch Your Step (live)
22. Poisoned Tongue (live)
23. Picture Perfect Smile (live)
24. Take Your Guilt (live)
25. Holding On (live)