Italian Vegan Straight Edge Warriors at work right here… if you’ve never heard a band from Italy before, this is where you begin. REPRISAL blow away the competition with their awesome technical Edgemetal. Somewhat similar musically and lyrically to Arkangel, ‘Boundless Human Stupidity’ attacks the idiocy of mankind destroying our planet. This is what I would call REAL dance music, infectuous to the bone, ‘Boundless…’ calls for a massive pit !! Reprisal recentely toured Japan and played some crazy shows. This is a hardworking band that really deserves your support.

1. War for refoundation
2. Death fortress
3. Bleeding ensign
4. Get ready for war
5. Children of gaia
6. The shadow of mankind
Bonus Tracks:
7. Plenilunio
8. Hand of God