IN THE CAGE are back with their new album “Hybris” delivering their next masterpiece of straight up hardcore metal with a definite old-school attitude.
Fans of Hatebreed, Pantera or Biohazard, get your hands on this one

Founded in Vienna in 2007, IN THE CAGE is one of Austria`s leading Hardcore bands. Beeing in various bands and projects before such as Only Attitude Counts, Bust the Chain, Permanent Style or Business as Usual, all members decided to work together on their first album, released just 2 years later. With a background in Straight Up Metal, Old-School Hardcore and almost every kind of ass-kicking beats, Roman (vocals), Daniel (drums), Rene (guitar), Robert (guitar) and Chris (bass) are defining their approch to hardcore in combining different styles… turned out to be an excellent idea!

And, for the record, IN THE CAGE is very proud of it and of course, proud and grateful for their loaylly fans (thx guys, YOU rock the world!) …

1 When The Dogs Comin’ At Me
2 Cast Away
3 No Way Out
4 Grant Me Disdain
5 Gimme A Break
6 The Spark
7 The Lies, The Hate, The Greed
8 Draw The Line
9 Into The Genocide
10 Traitor
11 Hybris
12 Opfer