World Negation’s first full length release ‘Imbalance’ is a product of passion for hardcore music and desperate fury about the world today. Fast and tight guitar riffs followed by heavy breakdowns while lyrics are screamed with anger. It’s all about the profound abyss of humanity, not only searching for devious steps of others but even our very own aberrations. But there still seems to be a light place in our mind, still hope to change ourselves and give some positive aspects to others. This is a heavy hitting album that hits as well new school elements of hardcore, but never forgetting about the NYHC roots.

1. Shaped By Demise
2. Imbalance
3. Touching The Void
4. No Survivors
5. Against The World
6. Low Spirit
7. Puppet Strings
8. One Step Away
9. Lack Of Reality
10. Way Of The Dog