Founded in winter 2009, this 5 piece from south-west-germany demonstrates how refreshing classic hardcore can sound in 2013. WORLD EATER combine the best elements of classic NYHC bands like (early) Agnostic Front, Warzone or Straight Ahead and newer bands like Floorpunch or Shark Attack. Fast paced, short in your face songs are World Eater’s trademarks. This is the band’s Full Length Debut ! TRACKLISTING : 01. CALLING YOU OUT 02. SCRAPE THE BOTTOM 03. ABOUT TO FALL 04. BURIED CONVICTIONS 05. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 06. WORMFEAST 07. SHADOWS 08. DISTROTED MINDS 09. INTRO 10. WORLD EATER 11. THE SEARCH 12. HARD TO DEAL 13. CORNERED 14. FROM INSIDE