Brutal Metalcore Sampler from Retribution Network Japan tracklist: 01.Still Disgusting – DOGGY HOOD$ 02.Represent – DOGGY HOOD$ 03.From The Past – RAGNAROK 04.Life Cycle Thinking – RAGNAROK 05.Trifled Life – BLOOD OF THE FALLEN 06.The Devil Wearing A Mask – BLOOD OF THE FALLEN 07.Unconsciousness – HAND OF GOD 08.The Wall – HAND OF GOD 09.Empty- ALL THE SUFFERING 10.Verge- ALL THE SUFFERING 11.A Verse From Babylon – APOCRYPHA 12.The Fate Of Divine Revelation – APOCRYPHA 13.The Justice Which Has A Black Feather – ATARAXIA 14.Take A Step Forward – ATARAXIA 15.Born Again – END OF STATEMENT 16.New Order – END OF STATEMENT