VANILLA MUFFINS (est. 1993 in Basel, Switzerland) founded in the 90s their very own Version of Pop Oi! and call it ‘Sugar Oi!’, a catchy update of British Melody blueprints like THE CRACK or COCK SPARRER, topped with charmin’ Swiss drive. Released numerous releases on various well-known labels around the globe: WALZWERK (Ireland), HELEN OF Oi! (UK), KNOCK OUT (D), HAUNTED TOWN (USA). From this huge material source band leader Colin Brandle has now selected 13 representative songs, all remastered: ‘Ladies choice’, ‘Blue red forever’, ‘Storm over England’, ‘Brigade Loco’, ‘Saturday`, etc. For the record, taken from these releases: ‘Sugar Oi will win’ (1994), ‘Ultra fine day’ (1998), ‘The drug is football’ (2003), ‘The Devil is swiss’ (1997), ‘Gimme some Sugar Oi!’ . (1999), ‘All give some-some give all’ (2002).The opener is a brand new, exclusive track: ‘The Sugar Oi! jive’, recorded in 2014.

Comes as a limited Vinyl version (only 250 copies made)

1. The Sugar Oi!
2. Ladies Choice
3. My angel
4. Storm over England
5. Blue red forever
6. You come back to Switzerland
7. The drug is football
8. Brigade Loco
9. Saturday
10. Mommy, how can we stay young?
11. 3 Comrades
12. No Punkrock in my car
13. The mob from Kannenfeldpark
14. The one and only