US import, CD comes in a CD wallet.

Dissent – The System
Ante Up – Disgust
Arcline – Scorpion
Smash Your Enemies – Sick World
Brick By Brick – Never To Wake
Counting – Ace Of Spades
Bushido Code – Honesty
Iron Price – Shelf Life
Leeway NYC – Message to A Manchild
Kings Never Die – Before My Time
Penitentiary – Recidivist
Departed – 876
Before I Had Wings – Land Of Snakes
Flagbearer – Retribution
Born Without Hope – Conquer
xForgiveness Deniedx – From The Heart
Paid In Full – Make It Through
Ripped Away – Crossroads
Facewreck – Eternal Pit
Dead Man’s Chest – Insufferable
Easy Money – Nagasaki Kong’s
Cutthroat – Drown With Me
Pointbreak – Broken Home
The Take – No Tolerance
Activate – Thrash Crew
Lucia – Fools Fool
Northern Hit Squad – Days Of Darkness
Hoods – The Snake, The Rat