Only 250 copies made, grab it while you can!

Ugly & Proud, down to earth and in your face… “Wanna dance?”
The perfect cure for your monday sickness or hangover!

The CD version also contains the first two e.p.’s: “Blood, sweat & tears” and “Sweaty balls”. That’s 13 tracks instead of 5!

Last copies!

1) Get Out Of My Face
2) Blood In My Eyes
3) Fuck This Shit!
4) Trainyard Blues
5) The Door
Bonus Tracks: Sweaty Balls EP
6) Intro
7) Blood In My Eyes
8) Expendable
Bonus Tracks: Blood Sweat And Tears Demo
9) Intro
10) Go To Hell
11) V8
12) Blitzkrieg Balls
13)Broke & Bled