The new album features varied songwriting and contrasts: Straight Thrash parts change with groovy midtempo, moshparts meet melodic structures and the vocals show a large variety from growls and screams to ‘clean singing’. Every musician shows a boundless passion for every single song and this is why DIY is the doctrine. With Demons Run Amok Entertainment again a label was found who shares the visions of Übergang.

For Fans Of: Kreator, Machine Head, Slayer and Hatebreed, Biohazard, Pantera, At The Gates, In Flames, Dissection and Suicidal Tendencies.

1 Angst Vs Kraft
2 Brot Und Spiele
3 Bis Zum Limit
4 Im Auge Des Sturms
5 Niemals Zurück
6 Kampfgeist
7 Spiegelbild
8 Blutgetränkt
9 Am End
10 Neue Ufer