The new album features varied songwriting and contrasts: Straight Thrash parts change with groovy midtempo, moshparts meet melodic structures and the vocals show a large variety from growls and screams to ‘clean singing’. Every musician shows a boundless passion for every single song and this is why DIY is the doctrine. With Demons Run Amok Entertainment again a label was found who shares the visions of Übergang.
People who like the new releases from Kreator, Machine Head, Slayer and Hatebreed should definitely risk an ear. But also Fans of ‘Arise’, Biohazard, Pantera, At The Gates, In Flames, Dissection and Suicidal Tendencies will definitely get material they like.

1 Angst Vs Kraft
2 Brot Und Spiele
3 Bis Zum Limit
4 Im Auge Des Sturms
5 Niemals Zurück
6 Kampfgeist
7 Spiegelbild
8 Blutgetränkt
9 Am End
10 Neue Ufer