Truth and Rights embody the past and future of NYHC like no other band. Formed three years ago by longtime friends and curators of what we now know of as the most legendary scene in the world, TruthandRights have set out to create music for a new generation. Inspired by their lives, motivated by the world around them and influenced by a new generation of hardcore kids, TruthandRights are ready to go full force. Upon first listen you’ll instantly recognize the unique voice of Eddie Sutton. While the voice has stayed the same, the lyrics have changed and represent a man who wants people to take control of their actions, stop hiding behind names and labels and live life for themselves and not what others think its cool to be. The music is exactly what it should be. Heavy riffs and melodic hooks that will captivate new and old fans alike.

pressing info:
1710 Copies On Clear Green Vinyl
290 Copies On Solid Green Vinyl
10 Copies On Clear Blue/Green Swirl Vinyl
4 Copies On Clear Blue Vinyl

1. Green Light
2. Chopped Up
3. B.O.L.O.